Monday, 15 February 2016

Best patterns and tutorials for dolls in waldorf style

There are so many ways to make a doll in Waldorf style that I said myself ok, and now what? Which one shall I use ? Which is the best one or the easiest one?

Well, with a little bit if experience you can get great results with any of them. That's the magic!!! It depends on your own preferences, which one you find best.

I am going to list below the tutorials and patterns, I found more useful for myself. So, just pick one and try :))


The silver penny

Katja Magus on Living Crafts

Moonchild Dolls

Regan's Ramblings



Tilly Tilda

Crystal Clark

Sami Dolls


Come fare i polsi.  

Penny Nyberg: tutto il suo canale Youtube  


Genuine Dolls

I hope it helps! Have fun!!

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